Philippa Tunstill

Philippa Tunstill is a painter and artist working in Forest Hill South London. She is a member of the London Group of artists, and is currently an associate lecturer on the Foundation Course at the University of the Arts London.

A continuous exploration of spatial ideas through colour, surface & texture…

My paintings are a continuous exploration of spatial ideas through colour/surface texture which is applied and manipulated to produce intense interactive little dramas. The process is intuitive and instinctive but with an underlying structure that contains the elements within the formality of the square. The square format has been a consistent part of my work as long as I can remember. It provides the means to extend and multiply but equally satisfies as a single unit in its perfect symmetry.

Drawing is not a primary expression or source of my ideas but a very necessary discipline that is imposed on myself at regular intervals in the painting process. The repetitive nature of the controlled drawn line – invariably pencil- invokes a calm clear space in my head that is almost meditative. The shapes and forms that appear are continually converging and separating in a series of sequential compositions that are structurally formal and closely related to those that appear in the paintings.